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It is a route that most people take if the trains are delayed are cancelled. Delve deeper on a small-group tour that takes you on Yangon’s circular train … Yangon Circular Railway is the local commuter rail network that serves the Yangon metropolitan area. Things to Know About the Yangon Circular Train. Yangon Central Railway Station is the main terminus of Myanmar Railways' 5,403-kilometre (3,357 mi) rail network whose reach covers Upper Myanmar (Naypyidaw, Mandalay, Shwebo), upcountry , Shan hills … Enjoy an authentic experience on the 28 mile circular train route, discovering different neighbourhoods and towns surrounding Yangon. After the war, the station … The central railway station was first built in 1877 by the British to support Myanmar’s first railway line from Yangon to Pyay. Take a train of circular railway here and experience the fun brought by the ride. The Yangon Railway Station and the railway itself were built during the British period. The Yangon Circular Train departs daily from Yangon Central Railway Station from 8:30 am and departs every 45 minutes to an hour, from platforms 6 and … It is the most gigantic railway station … The second station was then destroyed by bombing during World War II. History of Yangon Central Railway Station.

You can take the train … The beautiful station hasn’t been painted ever since. As one more train was added to the Yangon … The central railway station was first built in 1877 by the British to support Myanmar’s first railway line from Yangon to Pyay. Yangon Central Railway Station, where our Yangon Circular Train Tour starts, a trip that will bring you back to the colonial age of Myanmar. A 14 minute continuous walking tour from Junction City railway stop to Yangon Central Railway Station. We had a few days in Yangon in February 2020 and decided one day that the circular train was going to be the days activity. In West Malaysia, also known as Peninsular Malaysia, there is the West Coast Line connecting Padang Besar … The railway station is in the center of the city.

(ZA) In the evening, the train departs from the Yangon Central Railway Station at 5:50pm and arrives at Oakphosu station at 7:25pm. For Yangon-Toe Gyaung Kalay-Oakphosu route, the new train departs from Oakphosu at 7:35am and arrives at the Yangon Central Railway Station at 9:10am. YANGON—On this day in 1954, then-Prime Minister U Nu officially opened the still-standing Yangon Central Railway Station. It was demolished and a new railway station was built in 1911. Malaysia has three main long distance railway lines, spanning total of around 1,830 km of track. Video is unedited and taken in … Exploring Yangon without a guide may mean skimming the city’s surface—missing out on its key places, way of life, and off-the-beaten-track neighborhoods. The Yangon Central Railway Station still looks like how the British left it. It was demolished and a new railway station … A video on Yangon Circular Train in 2020. The appearance of the train station looks magnificent, but the train track are still the previous small track.