Pollen grains with pores are porate and those with colpi are colpate.

porate Applied to a pollen grain which has 1 or more pores. A grain usually has two waxy, durable outer walls, the exine, and an inner fragile wall, the intine. These walls surround the contents with their nuclei and reserves of starch and oil.

in Hedera helix). On maturation in the pollen sac, a pollen grain may reach 0.00007 mg as in spruce, or less than 1/20 of this weight. Le modèle choisi ici pour étudier l’évolution des formes est le grain de pollen des plantes à fleurs, qui présente une très grande diversité morphologique. In some pollen grains, the exine around the apertures is either thicker or thinner. Source for information on porate: A Dictionary of Plant Sciences dictionary. In pores this border is termed annulus (typical in grass pollen) and in colpi margo (e.g. Nous nous sommes focalisés sur un caractère morphologique, les apertures, qui sont des structures de la paroi du grain de pollen impliquées dans la survie et la reproduction.