I have watched: "Put ur head on my shoulders" "Love O2O" "Accidentally in love" "My amazing boyfriend" and "A love so beutiful". My Amazing Boyfriend 2 (2019) 我的奇妙男友2之恋恋不忘 . Acting/Cast: -10- Zheng Shuang and Yang Yang (Bei Wei Wei and Xiao Nai) had amazing chemistry! Enjoyment: 8.5/10. I love school/earlier adulthood settings so this was a major plus for my specific taste. I loved "Put ur head on my shoulders" and "Love O2O", i liked "Accidentally in love" too....but they bit messed up in the end, i think. Sweet. It's the sweet love story.

A love so beautiful. Daftar Pemain Drama My Amazing Boyfriend. English. Rewatch value: Highly re-watchable. Tahun: 2016 Durasi: 45 Menit Dilihat: 35.054 views. Highly recommended. In her spare time, she plays her favorite role-playing game "A Chinese Ghost Story." Nonton Streaming Download Drama My Amazing Boyfriend (2016) Subtitle Indonesia. Intense love. Girls, be ready to see Chinese heartthrob Yang Yang, in it. Drama ini katanya terinspirasi dari drama populer My Love From Another Star tapi dijamin cingudeul tetep suka nonton ni drama.Selain tokoh utamanya yang sama - sama superhero alias bukan manusia biasa yang jatuh cinta dengan seorang aktris jalan cerita drama ini berbeda dan cukup menyegarkan di … Welcome to the official website of My Amazing Boyfriend.

Kali ini aku mau bagi-bagi racun drama Cina yang lagi aku tonton My Amazing Boyfriend. 15K likes. Yes, Love o2o is a story about how two top level players of a famous game fall in love with each other.

Music: Passable but it is not the music that attracts. Dramamu – My Amazing Boyfriend (2016) Banyak serial sub indo yang bisa muncul di bioskop terkenal dan masuk ke dalam serial Terbaik tahun dan menjadi serial yang bisa menyedot animo masyarakat untuk menonton serial ini, sehingga bisa membuat serial ini menjadi serial terlaris dan bisa membuat Anda selalu ingin menonton serial ini secara terus menerus. 15K likes. Chef Wang Gang. English • Español. Drama ini tak tergerak pun nak tengok.. Cuma lepas tengok My Amazing Boyfriend rasa macam nak tengok drama fantasi lagi.. Sha cuba cari dekat Youtube drama yang menarik.. Terjumpa drama ini.. Cuba tengok 1 episod, wah best.. Patutlah Tiara recommend.. Welcome to the official website of My Amazing Boyfriend. My Amazing Boyfriend This cute odd-couple romance has a supernatural twist. I liked "My amazing boyfriend" and "Love so beautiful" too.

I loved "Put ur head on my shoulders" and "Love O2O", i liked "Accidentally in love" too....but they bit messed up in the end, i think. Watch Asian TV shows and movies online for FREE! I hope you like it after watching this Amazing TV Series on Netflix. After her online husband, Zhenshui Wuxiang (Zhang He), dumps her, she gets a message from the number one player Yixiao Naihe - to be her online husband! All i want for love is you. (Even more than me, I think) Cast - Yang Yang as Xiao Nai {Instagram - yang_0099} 16 Ağustos 2019. ... Love O2O. Bei Wei Wei (Zheng Shuang) has both beauty and brains. Sebelum ini Sha ada tengok Love O2O (2016) versi filem.. Best dan ohsem.. If someone like Love 020 (modern school life romance) and because it is a Chinese drama then I will recommend you the following C series. I liked "My amazing boyfriend" and "Love so beautiful" too. Love O2O … Overall, the plot was perfect because it had funny moments, sad moments, and such cute moments all in one! My Love, Enlighten Me (2020): Surprisingly, this has been such a crackly, romantic, and heartwarming drama to watch. Lots of sweet scenes. This is a great chance for those who are looking for the amazing and best Chinese dramas on Netflix, Then these Dramas and available and really good for a watch. Makes me wanna re-live my younger days in Uni and fall in love again. Irresistible Love 2.

My Amazing Boyfriend “ My Amazing Boyfriend ” is a Chinese fantasy romantic-comedy starring Wu Qian as Tian Jing Zhi, a B-list actress who has … Love O2O (my favourite) Put your head on my shoulder ( my favourite) Meteor garden. Irresistible Love 1. ... My Amazing Boyfriend. Murphy ' s Law of Love. My Amazing Boyfriend 28.Bölüm izle.
starring Mike Angelo as Xue Ling Qiao, Yu Esther/Yu Shu Xin as Tian Jing Zhi, Chen Lu Yuan as Xue Chang An, Li Ge Yang as Yun Zhen, Tian Yi Tong as Ye Mei Xiao, Fingal Fu as Li Yan Zhi, Aro Yang as Feng Dong Dong / Feng Re Re, Yang Zhi Ying as Bai Lu, Miles Wei as Dr. Jiang/Jiang Yi Heng Smile inducing.

My Amazing Boyfriend. English.

Such as Accidentally in Love, Boss & Me, Love O2O, Eternal Love are highly recommended. Ode to Joy.

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