The Nugget is located in the Tall Trees Grove along Redwood Creek. However, California residents can potentially face legal consequences by chopping down or trimming a tree of any kind on another person's property. Coast redwood timber is used in carpentry and general construction, as well as for furniture, shingles, fence posts, and paneling. Known as both the giant redwood and the coastal redwood, Sequoia sempervirens differs from its relative the giant sequoia, Sequoiadendron giganteum, primarily in the environment it requires. The fog adds moisture to the soil and helps trap it there by lowering the rate of evaporation. The thick bark protects the tree from fire and insect infestation. California designated redwood as the official state tree in 1937 (the coast redwood: Sequoia sempervirens, and the giant sequoia: Sequoia gigantea). The trees are majestic and OLD (up to 800 years old!). The redwood trees at Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park are coastal redwoods, the tallest living things on earth. The Dawn Redwood and the Coast Redwood are both very tall upright trees with soft needle-shaped foliage. Only on the Northern California coast By Richard Stenger/Redwood Enthusiast EUREKA, Calif. -- Not one but three giant redwoods offer motorists the opportunity to steer their wheels through a living tree. The Dawn Redwood comes from China and is deciduous, while the Coast Redwood is native to the coastal regions of northern California and Oregon and is evergreen. The tallest tree in the world is a Coast Redwood. This website is dedicated primarily to the giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum), which is also known as the sierra redwood. They are privately owned and charge a nominal fee. The base of the tree forms massive buttresses, and hemispheric burls may occur on the trunk. Many groves and stands of the towering trees are preserved in state and national parks and forests. For thousands of years people have lived in this verdant landscape. The living redwood is a hearty tree that can live and thrive in almost any locale with proper care, although it may not reach its full potential height. A combination of longitude, climate, and elevation limits the redwoods' range to a few hundred coastal miles.

Website +1 707-464-9150. Once common throughout the Northern Hemisphere, redwoods are found only on the Pacific Coast. Welcome to the world's tallest trees Discover the Legendary California Redwoods At least once in your lifetime, you need to visit the magnificent coastal redwoods of Humboldt County—to walk, explore and soak up the silence and grandeur of forests unlike any others in the world. Burls cut from the trunk are made into bowls, trays, turned articles, and veneer. California has designated two distinct species Sequoia and the Redwood as its state trees.. See Sequoia. Email. Before the 1850s, coast redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens) luxuriated amongst some 2 million acres of California’s coast, stretching from south of Big Sur to just over the Oregon border. To identify a redwood tree, the size of the tree is usually the first indication, since redwoods are famously tall.